Male model doing push ups


In 1983, as Los Angeles was preparing to host the 1984 Olympic games, Mike McGinley and Don Zuidema opened a small retail store in West Hollywood, California, selling men's skin care products. Before long, they had added Olympic-themed t-shirts and other sportswear items to their product offerings. Mike was a former college swimmer and Masters swimmer and soon Mike and Don were manufacturing their own Los Angeles Sporting Club (LASC) swimwear based upon the styles and fits that Mike and his team mates preferred. These swimwear designs were an immediate hit and soon LASC's store was THE place for men to visit in Southern California when looking for fashionable swimwear.

In 1999, young Alfredo Izaguirre joined the company. He had a keen eye for men's fashions and, under his guidance, LASC added shorts, jeans and workout and fitness gear to their lineup. Within a few years LASC was named as the best contemporary men's store in the US and garnered other prestigious accolades.

Today, LASC carries on its long tradition of excellence with trend-setting swimwear and active wear fashions for men. Still designed and manufactured in Southern California, LASC offers a wide array of styles that appeal to every guy who wants to look his best. From timeless, classic designs to cutting-edge and unusual fashion statements, LASC has got you covered.

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